MONDAY             12PM-8PM    

TUESDAY             12PM-8PM  


THURSDAY          12PM-8PM

FRIDAY                 12PM-10PM

SATURDAY           10AM-10PM

SUNDAY               10AM-6PM

BMX friends welcome Wednesdays and Sundays.  Soft pegs required.

WEEKDAY Member/$6  Non Member/$10

WEEKEND Member/$8 Non Member/$12

Last hour of every session is half price

Annual membership $60.  Free session the day you purchase your membership.


Celebrate your birthday at RAD!

Skaters/riders pay regular price for admission. Parents and spectators are free. We clean the lounge for you and let you take it over. Bring your own food, cake, and treats. We just ask that you buy your drinks from the park. We stock a variety of sodas, sports drinks, and water.