I got my first skateboard in 1989, and immediately I was hooked. Most of my childhood revolved around skateboarding. I moved twice, once when I was 12 and again when I was 16, and each time I was able to make new friends and find my community through skateboarding. As a kid it was my dream to somehow have a job related to skateboarding.


I used to visit western North Carolina in the summer and fell in love with these mountains. I moved here in 2010, and a few years later got the idea that this town could use an indoor skatepark. I've been working on making this happen for three years, and to see it finally happening is really exciting. Skateboarding has given me so much throughout my life, and it feels great to be able to do something for skateboarding.


I think this park will be a valuable asset to the Asheville community and our strong local skate scene. My goal is to provide a quality facility devoted to supporting the local skateboarding community.

Alex Robertson