May 23, 2018

LOCK IN!  Last day of school!


May 15, 2018

Now registering for Summer Skatecamp!


April 29, 2018

Game of SKATE!  2 divisions: 18 and up and under 18.  One winner each division.  Sign up at the park!

Game of Skate2sponsors.jpg

February 20, 2018

Now registering for Spring Break Skatecamp! 


December 29, 2017

Video edit from our One Year Anniversary Demo and Signing with Tafari Whitter Karl Watson and Lil' Dre! Thank you so much to Andrew Andersonfor this awesome edit! And thank you to Tafari, Karl, and Dre for making our one year anniversary so special, and thank you to everyone who has supported us through our first year!


November 2, 2017

RAD Skatepark One Year Anniversary Demo and Signing Featuring Tafari Whitter, Karl Watson, and Deandre "Lil' Dre" Thebpanya.  Tickets available at the park and online here:



September 7, 2017

Best Trick Contest POSTPONED until October 1st. Mandy, Paul and the rest of the HFL crew are stranded down south due to Hurricane Irma so we've had to move the contest. Stay safe everyone and see you October 1st!

Best Trick Contest Postponed Irma

August 16, 2017

ANNOUNCING! Cancer Benefit \\\BEST TRICK CONTEST/// Sunday September 10th Presented By: Alien Workshop, Flipside Boardshop, Octopus Garden, Payne Skatepark, Department of Transitions, Drifter Skateboard Manufacturing, Compound Boardshop, and Asylum Skateshop. 

Mandy and her husband Paul are friends of the park, and Mandy has been diagnosed with brain cancer. To  read Mandy's story and contribute to her cancer fund click here:

HFL Cancer Benefit Best Trick Contest Shred for Mandy RAD Skatepark Asheville, NC

August 14, 2017

Congratulations to Spencer Barton for winning the Game of SKATE yesterday!  The competition was stiff, but Spencer was able to seal the deal with a switch 360 flip revert.  Nicely done Spencer!

Spencer Barton Game of SKATE Winner RAD Skatepark Asheville, NC

July 21, 2017

\\\\Game of SKATE//// Sunday August 13th 6pm $5 Entry Fee--2 Divisions 18 and Up and Under 18--One winner each division.  Sign up at the park.

RAD Game of Skate Asheville, NC RAD Skatepark

June 17, 2017

No better way to celebrate Go Skate Day this Wednesday than a session at the park!  Wednesday June 21 only--members skate free and non-members pay just $5!

Go Skate Day RAD Skatepark Asheville, NC

May 10, 2017

RAD Skatecamp will be going down all Summer long!  Head over to the Skatecamp page to sign up.

RAD Skatecamp RAD Skatepark Asheville, NC

April 24, 2017 

Spring Break Yo' Self Contest went OFF yesterday with the best local skaters throwing down hard to claim the top prizes. Congratulations to Jared Lee, Chandler Davis, and Keanu Brown for taking the top spots! And a HUGE thank you to our awesome sponsors for making it all possible Flipside Boardshop, Zumiez, 12 Bones, Tops for Shoes, Wedge Brewery, Survival Pride Clothing, Diamond Thieves, and Air and Street.  Let's do it again next year!

April 6, 2017

Concert at the park! Saturday April 15th some of the area's best DJs will be spinning courtesy of BEAT LIFE. Free to attend with donations to BEAT LIFE encouraged. Come listen to some beats and watch the skating!

March 28, 2017

Old Man Nite!  First Sunday of every month 6pm-10pm, 25 and up.  Come out to our first one April 2nd!

RAD Skatepark Asheville, NC Old Man Nite

March 17, 2017

Announcing our Spring Break Yo' Self Best Trick Contest! Three events: out ledge, six stair rail and hubba, eight stair rail and hubba. Three different winners! We've got tons of prizes to give away thanks to our great sponsors: Wedge Brewery, Flipside Boardshop, Diamond Thieves, Tops for Shoes, Zumiez12 Bones, and Air and Street. Come get you some!

RAD Skatepark Asheville, NC Spring Break Yo' Self Best Trick Contest

February 2, 2017

Proudly introducing the RAD Skatepark team: Keanu Brown, Trayvon Sams, DJ Garnett, Ram Ramirez, and Kevin Shelton.  Welcome to the team guys!  Thanks to Clark Hodgin for filming and editing.

January 2, 2017

YouTuber Ty Moss has been skating the park.  He put together this solid video review with some great skating.  Thanks Ty!

December 29, 2016

Here's an edit of some of the skating that went down at our grand opening party.  Jared Lee, Keanu Brown, Ram Ramirez, and Addison Hess (amongst others) broke the park in nice!  Big thanks to Clark Hodgin for the filming and the edit.

November 28, 2016  Grand Opening Announcement!

We are so excited to announce our grand opening!  See you Saturday December 10th at 10am!  Also check out this cool lobby art by Subject 0mega.

September 16, 2016 The course is all finished!

Looks and skates great.  Chad Roy and his crew did an amazing job.  We've still got some work to do on the building before we can open though.  Looks like it will be early November.


August 24, 2016 Construction continues!

Framing for most of the ramps is in place, and the welders have installed all the rails.  It's really coming together!

August 13, 2016  Construction of the course has begun!

Chad Roy and his crew from New York arrived on the 8th and started construction the following day.  They started with the big platform, China bank, and quarter pipe wall.  Construction is progressing quickly, and I will post more photos as the park takes shape.  Stay tuned...

May 23, 2016  Burners and BBQ Benefit

Sprucin' up the neighborhood this weekend with some really good artwork from local artists.  Big thanks to Gus Cutty, Jon Graham, Ian Wilkinson, and all the other awesome artists who were a part of this great weekend!  

RAD Skatepark Asheville NC 6
RAD Skatepark Asheville NC 4
RAD Skatepark Asheville NC 5
RAD Skatepark Asheville NC 3

May 18, 2016   Here we go!    

Interior walls are down.  The owners of the building are now doing their portion of the renovations.   In August, Chad Roy and his crew from New York will be heading down to Asheville to build the park.  Construction of the park will take about a month, and we hope to be open in the fall.                                                  

RAD Skatepark Asheville NC 1
RAD Skatepark Asheville NC 2